Mr. R.V.Khalid is the founder of RVK Group, we call him RV

His business competitors call him “the business enterprisers” and his media friends call him “The fenix bird”

Son of late RV Mammoty, Founder of RV Beedi and RV Cycles a wealth man of his ages, Khalid is the 3rd Son of Mr.Mammoty. RV Khalid an Indian centre government employee who resigned his job in the late seventies with Bhabha Atomic Research Center Trombay,Bombay ( )and left to UAE for better options.   There in UAE RV been working with the prominent British Group company called Bristo Helicopters( http:// Abu Dhabi .When the company stopped its operations at the capital of UAE, RV resigned his job . Later in the mid of seventies RV started something of his own. In 1975 Al Samiya Trading and Maintenance est with his interest on construction works he stated building houses, roads, runways etc for the country then alternately knowing the huge market on trading he switch his business to trading and importing.

In 1979 an humble start of RV Transport in Kerala later due to some domestic reason all this companies has being renamed and brought under one roof called RVK GROUP

In 1980 onwards RVK Group has stated building its empire across the world with new ventures and tie ups with the visionary of RV

CMD’s Message:
“Shape of the Ball which is round the only thing that has never changed is the history of the game so let’s play it with wide vision which will help us from the painful job of thinking”

RVK Group board of Directors

CMD                                            RV Khalid

Executive Director                 Khawlath Khalid

Director & CEO                       Shabeer Khalid

Director & CFO                        Sameer Khalid

Director                                     Dr.Shaheen Khalid